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What trends are emerging from the pandemic?

Soon, I may write an article where COVID-19 isn’t a relevant part of the story line, but this is not one. There is still too much happening around us as a direct result of the pandemic, and for many—especially those who operate a club with

Variety is the Spice of [Club] Life

IN THE LAST ISSUE of Club Director, I focused on how the average member profile is changing. As of 2015, there are now more young adults (born approximately 1980–2000) than there are baby boomers (born approximately 1945–1965). While clubs as a whole likely won’t be threatened by this

Information Silos and the Knowledge Deficit

Belonging to, or even visiting a club, comes with certain expectations. One of which is that an elevated level of service will be experienced. In order to deliver on these expectations, clubs are turning to sophisticated technology applications not only to streamline tedious and time