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Tag: governance

How can my club effectively set goals to get the best results?

Peter Drucker first popularized the concept of management by objectives in, “The Practice of Management.” Management by objectives is the process of defining specific objectives within an organization on the premise that management will achieve each objective. Most club leaders are well-schooled on the idea

Point/Counterpoint: Holding Your President Accountable

IN “GOOD TO GREAT and the Social Sectors,” author James Collins defined a different view of the authority and accountability for volunteer organization board presidents than that of presidents (CEOs) of traditional businesses. According to Collins, presidents of volun- teer organizations lead with legislative (authority)

Forging a Path to Data-driving Leadership

During my interview for the general manager position at Florida Yacht Club (FYC) in May 2014, I had a brief meeting with Clubhouse Manager Billy Mayo. Knowing he had been with the club since 2004, I asked what he saw as FYC’s biggest challenge. His

Succession Planning for Board and Officers at Private Clubs

CLUB BENCHMARKING has conducted a Club Governance Survey annually since 2017. In every survey, succession planning for board members and officers has ranked high on the “room for improvement” list. The trend continued with the 2021 survey, in which less than 50% of board members