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Tag: GGA-Partners

What are the best ways to leverage my club’s brand?

Many club leaders underestimate the importance of brand management with the belief that a logo, website and email constitute a brand. The fact is your brand is everything you do–and fail to do. A strong brand establishes a position to own in the marketplace and

A Case Study of Good Governance: Greensboro Country Club

You would be wrong if you think of Greensboro Country Club (GCC) as a sleepy, tradition-bound club within a tradition-bound community. Not only is Greensboro, N.C., a steadily growing city, but its eponymous country club is also expanding as evidenced by its recent $19 million

How to Build the Board of Directors: Selecting Your Dream Team

Two decades ago, Jim Collins wrote the best-selling book “Good to Great,” which identified characteristics of companies that significantly out-performed others in their respective industries. First among the characteristics was “First Who, then What,” a chapter on getting the right people on the bus. The