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Clubs in Philanthropy

The National Club Association (NCA) believes club leaders, as well as attorneys and accountants, will find Clubs in Philanthropy to be of invaluable assistance in providing an overview of concepts related to club foundations and charitable initiatives and planned giving at private clubs. This publication is not, however,

Club-related Foundations: Concepts, Caveats and Case Studies

As discussed in the first article in this series, many clubs have established or are beginning to consider establishing a club-related foundation. The impetus for creating a foundation may be a member’s interest in making a substantial contribution (and receiving a tax deduction), a desire

The Private Club Foundation: A Charitable Legacy

Philanthropy in the United States, which exists in many forms, has seen substantial growth since the 1980s. Guidestar lists more than one million foundations on its website. Even with the recession, Americans continue to contribute in record numbers to charitable organizations. Baby Boomers contribute a bigger share of