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How do club boards balance transparency and confidentiality?

EVERYONE SEEMS to be searching for the holy grail of best practices for a particular club issue or process, but how many times is there just one best practice? Most of these issues are situational—driven by that club’s culture, membership, economics, demographics, leadership skills, crises,

The Nominating Process: The Lynchpin of Great Governance

There are many structures and processes for Nominating Committees to leverage and no one is necessarily better or worse than the other, but there are best practices. Bob: Some clubs believe that the process needs to be very transparent and carefully avoid any sense of

Is stakeholder capital right for your club’s future?

Finally, with the tumultuous year 2020 ended, Dan and Bob appear to agree about something! In a recent article, “The Case for Stakeholder Capitalism,” McKinsey & Company postulates that the time has come for U.S. businesses to broaden the missions of their businesses to include

Can you still afford to be all things to all members?

GOVERNORS nationwide are cautiously phasing in the business and services that can reopen. As of the end of May, most private club golf courses are open, but it may still be weeks or months before other facilities open. In some regard, that is fortunate because it