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Is stakeholder capital right for your club’s future?

Finally, with the tumultuous year 2020 ended, Dan and Bob appear to agree about something! In a recent article, “The Case for Stakeholder Capitalism,” McKinsey & Company postulates that the time has come for U.S. businesses to broaden the missions of their businesses to include

Can you still afford to be all things to all members?

GOVERNORS nationwide are cautiously phasing in the business and services that can reopen. As of the end of May, most private club golf courses are open, but it may still be weeks or months before other facilities open. In some regard, that is fortunate because it

What is the fourth step in a risk management program?

THE THREE RULES OF INSURANCE: Insure anything you cannot afford to lose Do not spend more on insurance than the item is worth It’s not the probability but possible severity of the loss that matters most In the spring 2019 issue of Club Director, I described

What’s your compensation philosophy?

AND WHAT’S THE NEED of having one? The budget-planning period is just around the corner and soon you’ll be building your next business plan. Effective compensation policies are derived from the strategic elements of your club’s overarching compensation philosophy. It is a key component of your