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The New Model at the Old Barnwell Club

Nick Schreiber knew what he was looking for, theoretically, on his 50 or so trips to scope land within a six-hour drive of Charleston, S.C. Sandy soil was a must. Hills were good. Interesting potential turns, attractive topography, somewhere a course or three could roll

NCA DEI Blueprint

This blueprint is a tool for club leaders (both management and board members) to evaluate our clubs’ policies and procedures to create programs and guidelines to hire the best staff and offer opportunities for advancement, to ensure a vibrant membership group, find vendors who follow

4 Hours That Can Change the World: Women’s Golf Day

Spring and summer days bring golfers flocking to club courses to enjoy the game, time with friends and a few hours outdoors. But for years, there’s been a challenge: Those golfers are overwhelmingly male. Bringing women to the game and keeping them playing continues to

Time to Evolve: Bringing in the Next-gen Board

As clubs look to attract and cultivate the next generation of board members, there are many factors to take into consideration. The very best volunteer leadership candidates often don’t raise their hands or jump to be considered for the positions. Those who are eager to

IIICONIC Blueprint to Playbook: From Introduction to Action

As a continuation of the National Club Association’s (NCA’s) efforts to provide private club leaders with diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) resources and insight to better lead and serve their clubs, NCA has worked with Heather Kim Degenhardt-Stifanic, a founder of the inclusion and diversity-focused

The IIICONIC Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Blueprint

Developed by IIICONIC. 1. Clarify Your Purpose Why are you doing this? What is your motivation? What are the benefits and the desired outcomes you want? Agree on a shared understanding of what diversity, equity and inclusion means to you. Obtain buy-in from all stakeholders.