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Tag: CD 2021

Club Director Fall 2021: A Conversation with Senator Tommy Tuberville

Download Publication FEATURES  Putting a Charge into Private Club Parking What clubs need to know about electric vehicle charging stations Emergency Assistance and Scholarship Funds  Guidelines for employee assistance and scholarship funds  Recognizing Board Service  How do clubs show appreciation to board members for their commitment?  A Conversation with Senator Tuberville  Learn how the famed Auburn coach approaches politics  The Secret to Exception

Club Director Summer 2021: Meet NCA Chair Michael Bruni

Download Publication FEATURES Meet Mike Bruni How NCA’s new chair views the foundation for success IIICONIC Blueprint to Playbook Learn how to organically create a DEI culture Membership MomentumBest practices to provide the most value in today’s post-pandemic world Metropolitan Club Rooftop Terrace BarHow a

Club Director Spring 2021: Bibliophilia!

Download Publication FEATURES How libraries (and librarians) bring value to club membership Real examples of industry organizations taking action in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion A Conversation with Congressman Adrian Smith The storied history of women-only clubs Ways to take advantage of the racquet sports boom

Club Director Winter 2021: The Business Case for Diversity

Download Publication   FEATURES The Business Case for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Why DEI matters to members, staff and bottom lines Finding Your LaneDiversity, Equity & Inclusion Typical Club Foundations Best practices and innovative ideas for club foundations Tough Issues and Opportunity Ahead in 2021