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Trending Topics: The Subjects on Board Members’ Minds

Board members charged with maintaining sound governance and trusted leadership are awash in duties and responsibilities, along with planning and directing club strategy. And that is before listening to voice messages, reading member emails or looking at social media accounts. While the issues are varied

Club Governance: Back to the Basics

FEATURES Once More Unto the Break: Revisiting the Board Policies Manual How a Club Works: Back to Basics Getting to What Matters in Member Satisfaction Executive Sessions: What, When, How and Why The Brave New World of Online Voting

Executive Sessions: What, When, How and Why

How many private club boards include executive sessions as part of their board meetings? Not enough in our view. Although executive sessions can play an important role in a board’s relationship with the general manager* and their staff, too few boards have a policy relating to

The Brave New World of Online Voting

If the noise associated with the 2020 and 2024 national elections is any indication, there is no shortage of public distrust of electronic voting systems, which have been around for more than six decades, starting with the use of punched card systems. Claims of stolen

How a Club Works: Back to Basics

When our children were young, they had an endless stream of questions, often beginning with the words “how” and “why.” One day, we bought them a book entitled, “How Things Work.” It was a hit with its basic diagrams and simple explanations, and it great-

Why Are Board Retreats Important?

BOARD RETREATS are an essential part of any club’s governance and should be on the board calendar to occur annually. A retreat provides the board and management with time away from the club to have in-depth discussions monthly meetings do not allow. It also fosters

Time to Evolve: Bringing in the Next-gen Board

As clubs look to attract and cultivate the next generation of board members, there are many factors to take into consideration. The very best volunteer leadership candidates often don’t raise their hands or jump to be considered for the positions. Those who are eager to

Case Study: The Mirabel Club

At the northern tip of Scottsdale, Ariz., sits The Mirabel Club, one of many premier clubs in a city known for its luxury golf courses. Mirabel was developed by Discovery Land in 2000 and sold to the members in 2009. A top priority of the

Remaking the President

Their photos adorn the club’s hallway, usually aligned in chrono-logical order and offering a timeline of male business dress over the club’s history. They are the past presidents. Their recognition on the wall underscores the prestige of the office, the highest rank a club member