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Club Governance: Moving in the Right Direction

Download Publication FEATURES Mission Critical InformationWhat New Board Members Need to Know to Succeed Four Clues to Prevent MiscuesDon't Trip on These BPM Missteps   Communication, Collaboration and Defining RolesBoards and Management Relationships   Preparing for the UnknownSteps to Take Before the Next Crisis  

Club Governance: Back to the Basics

Download Publication FEATURES Once More Unto the Breach: Revisiting the Board Policies Manual How a Club Works: Back to Basics Getting to What Matters in Member Satisfaction Executive Sessions: What, When, How and Why The Brave New World of Online Voting

Club Governance: Successful Governance Strategies

Download Publication FEATURES In Boards We TrustTips to build member confidence in your club's board. The New PandemicThe effects of the loss of civility on private clubs. Refining Bylaws to Unite BoardsConvincing members to amend bylaws. Evaluating the General ManagerSetting and meeting standards of performance

Club Governance: The Club President

Download Publication FEATURES Who's Driving the Bus?Officer Elections in Private Clubs   The Club PresidentRecommended Roles and Responsibilities   Grading Governance in Private ClubsA Case for Board Self-Assessment   The Board's Role in Shaping and Sustaining Club Culture   Remaking the President Case Study: The