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Author: Cindy Vizza

Rating Board Performance: A Tool for Assessment

There are lots of reasons to conduct a board performance assessment: regular and honest self-appraisal by board members can help to identify beneficial structural and procedural changes, develop new policies and modify existing ones, and foster “an atmosphere of freshness and openness” that leads to

Q & A With Arnold Palmer: Questions to the King

Arnold Palmer: 1960s “Athlete of the Decade” (Associated Press poll), one of “The 25 Coolest Athletes of All Time” (GQ, Feb. 2011), successful businessman and golf legend. In addition to an impressive 92 overall victories, including seven Major championships, four Masters, and PGA Player of

National Golf Day on Capitol Hill

Did you know that golf is a $75.9 billion industry, larger than the motion picture and recording industries combined? The economic impact of the golf industry in America was conveyed by National Club Association board members and staff as they joined others from the industry

Board Vacancies: Preparing for the Unexpected

A sudden and unexpected resignation of a key board member at a private club in Michigan recently revealed a missing component of the club’s bylaws:  How to fill a board vacancy mid-term. Do your club bylaws address this issue? Does your club have a ready