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Legal Action Fund

A legal threat to private clubs in Florida has emerged—the National Club Association (NCA) has created a Legal Action Fund to assist in this situation.

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About NCA’s Legal Action Fund

NCA has established a Legal Action Fund to assist private clubs engaged in litigation that would have an impact on the larger community of private clubs. The first case NCA has decided to weigh in on involves Fiddlesticks Country Club in Fort Myers, Florida. A lower court judge ruled that the bylaws in effect when a group of members joined the club are essentially a contract and remain in effect despite a membership vote to amend the bylaws. If it stands the ruling will potentially affect every club in Florida that amends its bylaws. The case has been appealed and NCA will be filing an amicus brief in support of Fiddlesticks Country Club.

For questions on NCA’s Legal Action Fund, please contact Joe Trauger at [email protected].

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