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How can clubs create more value for members

WHILE CLUBS CONTINUE to study what will drive member attraction and retention in today’s world, one of the biggest issues is that the club membership of yesteryear is a lot different than today. Value is a driving force. Value is an important equation in looking at

Creating Magic for Members: 100 New Things

In the club world, inspiration for new services, programs, events and facilities can be drawn from many sources and directions, taking various shapes, styles and forms. At the Detroit Athletic Club (DAC), we are often inspired by hearing our members’ ideas and responding in a

Emotional Ownership in Private Clubs

Warren was delighted when his fellow club members selected him to serve on the board of governors. He couldn’t wait to roll up his sleeves and jump straight into the big issues plaguing the club: stagnant membership growth, financial uncertainty and distrust of the board

Building Membership Value in a Changing World

We are entering a period of profound change in the United States. Demographic, lifestyle and economic factors are swirling in varied directions. The population is aging; the types of activities—social and recreational—that pique our interests are changing; and a smaller middle class is the barbell