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Tag: Succession planning

Chief Executive Succession Planning for Private Clubs

Chief Executive Succession Planning for Private Clubs is the first white paper in the Club Governance Standards series by the NCA Board Leadership Institute. It provides information on developing a succession plan, for the club chief executive, including how to plan ahead and lay the

How does a club find the best board candidates?

Q  How does a club find the best board candidates? Are there best practices for board succession planning? A  Most public companies and many large nonprofit organizations have an almost unlimited pool of potential candidates to fill open board positions. However, private clubs by their very nature

Hiring a New GM/COO: Competencies and Success Factors

Because choosing your club’s next general manager can often be a long and difficult undertaking, properly evaluating the club’s needs is essential. Once firm skillsets and previous experience are identified, the Search Committee can begin the search. During the interview process, the committee will need

Private Club Succession Planning

“To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have changed often.” With this advice, Sir Winston Churchill described the necessity of embracing change in governing and leading. While change in private clubs is constant, succession planning is often overlooked for more pleasant

Leadership Succession Planning: Myths and Realities

In the private club industry, there are generally two distinct views on senior management succession planning: management’s view and the board’s view. They are frequently divergent in ways neither party is eager to talk about; though, also are direct, strategic, caring and in the spirit