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Tag: CT 2021

Case Study: Mastering the Delicate Balance

Philadelphia Cricket Club’s Golf Programming and Facilities The Philadelphia Cricket Club (PCC)—the oldest country club in the U.S.—was founded in 1854 to provide a venue for its members to socialize and play cricket. Members soon began enjoying other sporting activities and during its 168-year history,

Case Study: Onboarding Strategies for Success

The Club at Mediterra A private club is successful only when it attracts, hires and retains great people. It’s that simple, and it’s that hard.  Unfortunately, many club leaders make the task of hiring and retaining great employees more difficult by locating the challenge outside of

Case Study: The Warmest of Welcomes

Forsyth Country Club’s New Member Orientation Forsyth Country Club (FCC) in Winston-Salem, N.C., wanted to attract younger families to the club and developed a 10-year plan to help attract and retain this demographic. In addition to creating a tiered membership plan geared toward younger members, they renovated

Committee Orientation: Follow the Leaders

Follow the Leaders As KOPPLIN KUEBLER & WALLACE works with hundreds of clubs each year, we have discovered there is a big disconnect in the industry: Boards get all the education and training, and committees get very little, if any, education or training. This is a serious oversite because committees need to understand their area of focus and level of input. Just

Board Orientation: The Key to High-Performing Boards

The Key to High-Performing Boards Clubs known for their good governance and overall success have one thing in common: a great board orientation. A common complaint heard during club visits by KK&W is that board members feel they could have been better prepared for their role on the

Member Orientations: Setting the Right Tone

Setting the Right Tone For reasons from common courtesy to developing life-long members, a well-thought-out orientation process is a best practice for private club success.    Getting off to a good start is important in any endeavor. Membership is no exception. Despite this basic tenet, one of the more confounding statistics McMahon Group has collected from clubs over

Investing in Your People: Strategies for Effective Orientations

Strategies for Effective Orientations that Lead to Success  COVID-19 revealed that strong culture guides and strengthens businesses, through their more perilous challenges. One of the key elements of a strong culture is an effective orientation process, which provides the foundation for the long-term success of staff and boards.   Why Orientation