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Author: Henry DeLozier

Chartering the Nominating Committee

In most private clubs, the Nominating Committee sets the future of the club. The Nominating Committee, the proverbial queen- or kingmaker, profoundly influences the tone and tenor of club governance. It is advisable that all understand the charter’s significance for the Nominating Committee because it

Using Your Club’s Brand Effectively

Your brand is in everything that you do … and that you fail to do. When your club executes a terrific member-guest event, that is your brand. When your employees tell their friends and relatives how proud they are to work with you at the

Millennials: What now? What next?

MILLENNIALS ARE INDIVIDUALS born between 1981 and 1996; there are approximately 83.5 million people in this group, according to the U.S. Census. Much attention has been given to this emerging market for today’s private clubs. In fact, millennials are the future of most private clubs.

Chartering Board Committees: Setting the Groundwork for Good Committee Work

EFFECTIVE COMMITTEES are made of compendious charters. Chartering board committees requires clarity of thought and mission. Clarity arises from specificity within the committee charter. When chartering committees there are two touchstones to reference. First, the club bylaws dictate certain mandatory committees that support effective governance. Second,

How can clubs make change advantageous?

Change has engulfed and will define us. Change usually arrives suddenly and without warning. Change often seems threatening until one develops an understanding that change is a certainty that can be made highly advantageous. Ginni Rometty, executive chair of IBM, told Fortune magazine editor Alan Murray, “There

What does our board need to know about cybersecurity?

CYBERSECURITY is a threat to your club. The club manager in a Nebraska club faced the unhappy task of calling his members to tell them that their personal information has been hacked from the club’s records. The members’ reactions were predictably along the lines of “How