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Author: Dan Denehy

Is stakeholder capital right for your club’s future?

Finally, with the tumultuous year 2020 ended, Dan and Bob appear to agree about something! In a recent article, “The Case for Stakeholder Capitalism,” McKinsey & Company postulates that the time has come for U.S. businesses to broaden the missions of their businesses to include

Are Clubs “Businesses” in the Business Sense?

Bob’s Point of View: No James Collins, author of “Good to Great” in his nonprofit sequel, “Good to Great and the Social Sectors,” postulates that social sector organizations are not businesses in the business sense. In my opinion, he is spot on! Generally defined, a

How is governance different with a management company?

While governance is not traditionally viewed to be a proficiency of most club management companies, their expertise in club finances and strategy can be valuable. Management companies generally do not take over the management of private clubs without a full, explicit and documented construct in

Membership Directors

Why is it so hard for my club to find a membership director? It’s difficult to find what you’re looking for because the title does not always define the role. Prior to 2007, a membership director fulfilled the role by way of processing member applications

Measuring your General Manager’s Success

Q How can the club president do an effective job of reviewing the general manager’s performance? How do you measure success in the GM review? A General manager reviews are often a difficult process when conducted by board presidents, most of whom are successful executives but do