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The Business of Proper Club Governance

A FEW YEARS AGO, a leader in the private club industry said to me—in neither a good nor bad way, but in a matter of fact way—that he saw me as a dealmaker. Being a “dealmaker” may not have the positive connotation that it once did. This could be because of President Trump and his self-promotion of being a great dealmaker, or the fact that here in Washington, D.C., there isn’t an appetite for any type of deal making between our two political parties. Yet, I took it as a compliment.

However, after thinking about the comment, I questioned if I am a dealmaker or more an opportunity seeker. This might be a “po-ta-to vs. po-tah-to” issue, but the thrill for me, I realized, is constructing a mutually beneficial opportunity that advances both entities and the sphere in which they operate.

This characterizes the outstanding relationships NCA has with our corporate partners. We work with each of them to elevate their company while benefiting the private club industry. The latest illustration of this, Club Business, is included with this issue of Club Director.

We are delighted to introduce, with Strategic Alliance Partner Club Benchmarking, a publication that speaks to proper club governance using sound data and business information specific to private clubs. Unfortunately, we have witnessed far too many examples of club boards making impactful decisions based on anecdotes and misinformation as opposed to facts and the data it represented. Club Business will empower boards and general managers to look at and use their financials as tools and predictors of their club’s health.

This isn’t the only new way are working with our partners to effect positive change among boards. At the 2019 National Club Conference we are launching our

inaugural Club Governance Symposium. This breakout session for club board members will be moderated by Henry DeLozier of Legacy Alliance Partner Global Golf Advisors. It will feature two NCA board members who served on the boards of their respective clubs as well and NCA’s new vice president of government relations, Joe Trauger, president of Mount Vernon Country Club in Alexandria, Va. The session will engage board members on their role in soliciting member input into strategic planning; general manager engagement, retention and compensation; empowering operational management; and best practices to achieve organizational goals. NCA will continue to develop opportunities to engage our corporate partners to benefit the industry and provide the tools, resources and information necessary for club boards to govern appropriately. Until then, benefit from Club Business and I hope to see you at Conference.