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How can clubs integrate family programming to promote member retention?

IT’S A SIMPLE FACT—the more members use their club, the less likely they are to re- sign. With summer in full swing, now is the ideal time to showcase your club to every member of the family—a family that, with the fast pace of life and the influx of technology, looks very different than just a generation ago. Use this to your advantage. During the summer months, parents are often desperate for opportunities to get their kids outdoors and away from their “screens.” Parents also are searching for ways to connect with their kids. Make them look no further for either than at their club.

ClubCorp’s clubs, in addition to enhancing the family experience by investing in more fitness and aquatics, dining experiences and social features at our clubs, have also increased programming and activities geared toward the youngest members and connecting family members.

  • Junior Camps, Leagues and Programming—At ClubCorp, virtually all of our golf and country clubs offer junior camps. Whether for golf, tennis or swimming, camps can help your youngest members learn in a fun atmosphere while developing camaraderie and life skills for a sport that they can participate in for many years to come.
  • Regular poolside events—Clubs have incorporated activities, such as trivia nights, games, movies and weekly cook- outs that can be enjoyed by both the adults and the kids. With little or no cost, create memory-making experiences that can easily turn into family traditions.
  • Special family rate or package—Offer group golf or tennis lessons or workouts with personal trainers for the whole family—members will appreciate the focus on fitness.
  • Junior board of governors—Teen members can sit on a junior board of governors and help plan events designed for specifically for their peers.
  • Summer family game—Family teams compete in a series of fun relay races, games and competitions using all of the club amenities. The winning team gets their name on a plaque displayed in the club.

This summer, focus on creating extraordinary experiences for your members. Never underestimate the power of family, traditions and memories—all three are mighty when it comes to retention.

Tom Bennison is senior vice president of business development at ClubCorp, the largest owner and operator of private golf and country clubs. He can be reached at [email protected] or visit